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Whether you want to know about the initiative ”BIOTechnikum“, the biotechnology sector or individual areas of research – numerous publications and online sources have information for people with various interests and different levels of knowledge. We have put together a selection for you here.

Caption: campaign flyer "BIOTechnikum"

Information material ”BIOTechnikum“

All the important information about the BMBF initiative for download (only available in German). more

Caption: screenshot of www.biotechnologie.de

Brochures about biotechnology

More details and facts, more background, more knowledge – brochures on various aspects of biotechnology can be downloaded here: on the BMBF's website and at biotechnologie.de.

Caption: screenshot of www.fz-juelich.de/ptj

Info scheets about BMBF's funding activities

The project sponsor Jülich (PtJ) has made info sheets available for download about the various funding activities of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. more