Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka

Federal Minister of Education and Research

Welcome to the initiative “BIOTechnikum“

It is hard to imagine our everyday lives without biotechnology – whether it is used in new medical treatment and diagnostic procedures or in everyday products such as toothpaste, shampoo, or washing powder. Biotechnology enables technological progress, a higher quality of life and sustainable production methods. more

BIOTechnikum: Transformation

Hands-on science

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Careers with a future

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High-Tech Strategy
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Mobile BIOTechnikum hands-on experience

Welcome to the mobile BIOTechnikum hands-on experience, welcome to the world of biotechnology! The world which you can discover inside is as complex, diversified and surprising as the technology itself. The double decker exhibition vehicle BIOTechnikum is a laboratory, exhibition, multimedia room and dialogue forum. Accompanied by experienced scientists it brings research into biotechnology to schools, universities, trade fairs, events and companies among others on its tour of Germany – and thus directly to the people. more

High-Tech Strategy
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Biotechnology and Sustainability

Today, biotechnology is having a positive impact on all areas of life. Its sustainable contributions to e.g. conserving valuable resources or to protecting the environment are illustrated by the BMBF initiative “BIOTechnikum: Experience research – health, nutrition, environment”. more

High-Tech Strategy
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Potential for medium-sized companies

More than 500 companies have already made biotechnology their core business. Here you can learn more about SMEs in Germany’s biotechnology sector. more